We are located at the Mason Complex in Stoney Ground, Anguilla. We are upstairs, all the way in the back, on the left. The door says, Gold.ai but above the door it says Bitcoin.ai. We are known as "the cash for gold place". You can see us on google maps.

You can watch a video showing how to use our Bitcoin ATM. We got our approval from Anguilla Financial Services on Aug 17, 2017.

For more info contact Vince Cate at vincecate@gmail.com or 1 264 581 5398. I am happy to show people how to use Bitcoin or just talk about it. It is easy to start using Bitcoin.

Back in 1997 I helped start a conference called Financial Cryptography in Anguilla. For 4 years we held the conference in Anguilla then it started going to different locations each year. Back then we could tell that cryptography could make for a better financial system, something that could be safer, cheaper, and faster than checks, credit cards, wire transfers, Western Union, etc. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are showing we were right. You could say I was a fan of Bitcoin before it was even invented. :-)

On the street our Bitcoin.ai and Gold.ai signs look like this: