Bitcoin is a great thing. You can send and receive it over the Internet to anyplace in the world very quickly and at resonable costs. But this also makes it great for scammers, so there are many scammers that use Bitcoin.

Some sites with info about scams:

  1. How to recognize a Bitcoin Ponzi scam
  2. Cryptocurrency Scams and how to spot them
  3. General info about scams
  4. Signs of propably fraudulent projects
  5. This site lists some scam sites.
  6. Pig butchering scams Befriend or romance someone and then get them to send Bitcoin to a fake trading site.
Some scams that are active in Anguilla:
  1. Wiseling
  2. Cash Forex Group also Warning by
  3. A scammer can contact you over Facebook, chat with you for weeks, then say he has sent a really fancy gift, then say he needs money from you to get it through some shipping problem. Do NOT send them Bitcoin.